Edge Controls is proud to announce Edge SCADA, a fully hosted cloud-based SCADA platform. Edge SCADA empowers users with real-time data, control, alarms, and alerts in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional SCADA systems.

Users desperately need easy-to-use, flexible, and secure access to their data. However, traditional SCADA systems routinely trail behind computer technology by 10+ years limiting features and functionality. A modern and flexible SCADA platform can empower businesses with significantly more value than before possible.

The benefits of SCADA start with access to real-time data from anywhere, leading to more rapid business decision making. Authorized users may quickly adjust setpoints and control equipment reducing drive time. Email and text notifications inform users the instant something goes wrong. Additionally, a flexible SCADA platform promotes rapid innovation and added features with few limitations.

Benefits of Hosted SCADA

Hosted SCADA comes with cost savings over customer owned on-premises models. The SCADA hosting provider will handle all the complicated, and time-consuming tasks of building, securing, and maintaining the application and infrastructure.

Major advantages versus the traditional approach:

  • Getting up and running in a fraction of the time.
  • Removing exorbitant CAPEX and maintenance costs.
  • Experienced full-time support staff to maintain the system.
  • New features and improvements actively developed.


The need to access SCADA while on-the-go, necessitates it being accessible from the Internet. Using modern security technology such as private networks, encryption, and multi-factor authentication, can make hosted SCADA even more secure than traditional SCADA implementations.

A Partner for Expert SCADA Services

Edge Controls is a certified Ignition Integrator at the forefront of helping customers create real value with SCADA. For larger operations it may make more sense to implement an on-premises system. Whatever the case, our team will carefully examine your needs to build the system that will provide the most value for your business. Contact Us to learn more about how SCADA can benefit you today.


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